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If you want to lose weight, feel healthier, boost your energy, slow the aging process, or increase cognitive performance, Spa Me Now can help.

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Advanced rapid weight-loss

Decrease appetite

Lose body fat

Slow digestion

Increase insulin


Amino acid blend for recovery & muscle gain

Boost metabolism

Burn more fat

Increase endurance

Prevent inflammation

CJC1295 / Ipamorelin

Boost protein synthesis & muscle growth

Decrease body fat

Improve muscle mass

Increase post-injury recovery

Improve sleep quality


Repair tendons, muscles, intestines & more

Decrease pain

Accelerate wound healing

Increase collagen synthesis

Decrease inflammation


10 mg / mL

Increase insulin production

Regulate appetite & cravings

Feel fuller longer

Anti-Nausea Tablets

4 mg / tablet

Reduce or eliminate stomach discomfort

Easy to swallow tablets

Safe and fast


Powerful antioxidant

Immune support

Break down free radicals

Make DNA

Enhance enzyme function

Vitamin D3

Maximizes nutrient absorption

Maintain healthy bones & teeth

Regulate insulin levels

Boost weight-loss

Support lung function

NAD+ Patches

Powerful antioxidant

Rejuvenate cells for more energy

Improve sleep

Enhance cognitive performance

Increase overall health

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